Exhibition View Exhibition View Chinoise Trouvé 2007 Found wooden chair elements
This chair uses a copy of a Chinese antique
stool as found in many shopping malls around the world Arne Split 2007 Found wooden and metal chair elements
A fake Arne Jacobsen 3107 chairs mixed with another chair found in a furniture warehouse Yu Chair 2007 Found wooden chair elements
Seats from various chairs found in a furniture warehouse filled with various reproduction chairs from different periods ArneXiang 2007 This fake Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair was found in in a large furniture showroom outside of Guangzhou MingMu 2007 Found wooden and metal chair elements
Chairs copied from Ming Dynasty period sliced together Sorry! Yanagi 2007 Found wooden chair elements
Seats are used from various reproduction
chairs and after named after the Butterfly
stool by Sori Yanagi Huang Chair 2007 Found rattan and metal chair elements
A rattan chair on the base of a typical Chinese school chair base

7 Chairs in 7 Days

May – Jun 2010
British Council, London, Uk

Get It Louder was an international exhibition organised by leading Chinese curator Ou Ning. The first edition in 2005 was the most substantial showing ever of contemporary Chinese design in China. For the 2007 sequel Ou Ning invited the British Council and Newbetter to co-curate a collection of British work.

Emily Campbell, former director of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council together with Shumon Basar and Joshua Bolchover curated the UK representation which included 14 artists and designers whose work had not previously been seen in China - Åbäke, Danny Brown, Marloes Ten Bhomer, Sam Buston, Shezad Dawood, Martino Gamper, Neil Rock, Julia Lohmann, Simon Heijdens, Celine Condorelli, Assa Ashuach, D-Fuse and Troika.

Get It Louder opened at the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou and toured to Shanghai and Beijing. During the three month tour the exhibition attracted over 175,000 visitors. On show at the British Council is '7 Chairs in 7 Days' the outcome of Martino Gamper's time in Guangzhou. Taken from the press release.


Exhibition photography ©Matylda Krzykowski Chair photography ©Anna Arca