Total Trattoria at The Aram Gallery Total Trattoria at The Aram Gallery Kitchen Combo Chairs 2008 Assorted solid wood pieces Aqua Minerale 2008 Mouth-blown glass. By designing the glass jug in a generic water bottle shape, a normally disposable object becomes non-disposable. Auge fur Auge 2008
Hand etched glasses
Hand etched at Lobmeyer, Vienna. Aqua Naturale 2008
Mouth blown glass 42 Flavours 2008
Silk screen, Die cut board Trouble 2008
Embroidered South Tyrolean farmers’ apron
Embroidery and cotton apron Relay 2008
Cutlery cluster
The individual pieces are threaded on a bracelet like holder ready to be passed around like an over-sized key ring. The diners pass the cutlery ring around.
Found cutlery Nuts 2008
These individual candleholders of different circumferences can be made into a cluster
Found objects Taste Buds 2008
The embossed invitation to the Total Trattoria doubles up as placemat. At the Trattoria, placemats have been the calling card of a making process beyond the preparation of the food and were often used as the transaction ticket when the Trattoria took place in a location without a food licence. The placemat artwork was purchased and the food was served after the formal transaction although the artwork was only considered complete once it had acquired the evidence of its use.
Letterpress paper

Total Trattoria

7 Mar – 26 Apr 2008
The Aram Gallery, London, Uk

The Aram Gallery has commissioned London-based designer Martino Gamper to create Total Trattoria – the ultimate expression of his Trattoria al Cappello concept.

Developing further his idea, Total Trattoria, which opened on 7 March 2008, completes the concept and puts it on show to the public for the first time.

Gamper has designed every single element of the dining event ranging from the kitchen and its storage areas to the cutlery and the tables and chairs to the glassware. A series of thirteen individual tables that connect to form one large dining table snakes around the gallery to seat 25 guests. The 25 chairs around the table are all different but are constructed from the same set of component parts, designed by Gamper.

The pieces include the results of many collaborations between Gamper and a wide variety of makers including engraved glasses placed on clusters of leather coasters, blown-glass water jugs and limited edition placemats designed by Gamper’s collaborators in the Trattoria events, Maki Suzuki, Alex Rich and Kajsa Stahl.

The exhibition graphics and communication, also designed by Suzuki, Rich and Stahl, includes a specially designed catalogue. Taken from the press release.